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“My heart has never felt fuller”

Holistic Wellness Coaching

“Her presence and guidance have been an absolute blessing”
– Lauren Carr Harran

Over the last decade I’ve been creating safe healing spaces for retreats classes & workshops in venues around Ireland and beyond, each one tailored to the individual needs of my clients.   With over 20 years of training and experience in the holistic health and wellness field, my coaching sessions offer an array of practices that give real opportunities for lasting life changes.

 At some point in the cycle of our life we will be affected by stress, grief, anger, sadness, anxiety and or depression.  I am grateful to be in a position of being able to pass on the simple techniques that work in helping you cope with whatever life throws your way. 

 I can help you create a tool box for life, filled with skills to develop emotional and physical wellbeing.  I’m offering people the chance to learn how to make these changes, and take the steps to make their dreams their reality.  A space where you are reminded of what brings you joy and happiness.  A playground for you to share laughter & tears.  A sanctuary for clearing the mind and nourishing the soul.  

If you want to be living a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life, let me support you achieving that goal.  Get past triggers and bad habits and create a new mindset fuelled by inspiration so you can start living the life that you dream of.

Working one-on-one with me will give focused attention to your needs whether it’s in the area of personal development, relationships, career, finances, health and wellness, transformation happens. 

Our sessions together will see you free from any old patterns and beliefs which may be stopping your flow in life.


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“I Have loved working with her”
Pat Cole